Rede Decor

Rede Decor is a practical, light and comfortable hammock. It decorates and gives life to your home. Its light, soft material keeps it always fresh, free of fungus, mold and bad smell, things that usually appear on cotton hammocks. Its breathing-active fabric avoids sweat accumulation, helping the body to eliminate the excess of humidity, and it gets dry really fast. Rede Decor unites resistance, durability and softness, its strong colors give life to the environment and its design valorizes lightness and a practical use. This way, K.alma's Rede Decor incorporates the real pleasure of living. It's about freedom, happiness and comfort.


  • Area: 250 cm x 150 cm
  • Length: 410 cm
  • Weight: 410 g
  • Capacity: 150 kg
  • Material: 100% nylon
  • Colors: gold, white, cherry-red, swimming pool-green, violet, Turkish blue and orange.
  • To be used inside and outside the house. It supports 150 kg and can be cleaned in washing machines.