K.alma means tranquility and everything that is good to the soul. It came to being inspired by the good sensation that we feel when we get home, a place where we feel good, safe and happy. Especially if the atmosphere in which we live has our touch and is a beautiful, functional place.

To unite well-being and style in products that are practical and special is K.alma's goal. Our company was born to create new ideas, facing decoration of internal and external environments as a way to generate functionality and comfort, without giving up one's personal style.

K.alma is no big company. We are small like a family, where everybody is a real person and has a name. So, if you have a compliment, comment or complaint, just talk with us on the phone, by sending us an email or writing a letter. The person who answers your call will try to solve your problem and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Costumer's service:

Our clients don't depend on us. We depend on them. They don't interrupt our work, but they are the reason why we do it. It is no favor to serve them: they give us the chance to help. Without keeping that in mind, even the best equipment has no value. We believe that treating our costumers the way we would like to be treated is the best way to advertise.

Please feel invited to write us about your experiences with our equipments. This way we will be able to learn from your comments and to create even better products.

Meet our products and write us telling about your doubts and suggestions. We're anxious to meet you!