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Kalma means tranquility and everything that does good to the soul. It was inspired by the good sense of returning home, where we feel good, safe and happy. Even more so if the environment we live in has to our face, is beautiful and functional.

Joining wellness and style through practical and different products is the goal of Kalma, a company that came up to create new ideas, facing the decoration of internal and external environments as a way to generate functionality and comfort without giving up style.

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About Kalma

Kalma is a small company as a family, real people with names. So if you have a compliment, comment or complaint, talk to us by phone, email or letter, and you will be served by someone if do not know the answer to your question, will pick it up and then call for you.
Please feel free to write us about your experiences of using our products. So we will learn from your comments and develop better products.

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